How to meet Vietnamese women in San Francisco


San Francisco is a great place to meet Vietnamese women in the USA. In the whole country there are more than 2 million Vietnamese Americans and California is one of the states with the highest concentration of Vietnamese in the US. In this guide we explain you, where to meet Vietnamese women in San Francisco…

How to meet Vietnamese women in San Francisco online

Online dating is definitely the best option and easiest way to find Vietnamese women in San Francisco. There are many dating apps and sites but only one is focused in Vietnamese women. This websites calls itself VietnamCupid and is our top recommendation to find Vietnamese girls in San Francisco. Most the the registered girls there are having a Vietnamese background and living in the US. There are far more than 1,000 single women signed up at VietnamCupid in San Francisco.

You can sign up for VietnamCupid totally free. The basic membership allows you already to check out all the members and use search function without any limitation. However, if you want to write the girls, you need a premium account. The premium membership plans are not too expensive and thus a fair deal.

Vietnam Cupid Members…

How to meet Vietnamese women in daily life

If you want to meet Vietnamese girls on the streets of San Francisco randomly, then it could be a little bit more different. Although there are more than two million Vietnamese living in California, it might be a little bit difficult to spot nice and pleasant girls on the streets.

Vietnamese Sugarbaby

The best spot you have the highest chances of success is Little Saigon, a district in San Francisco. Little Saigon is a two-block stretch of Larkin Street guarded by a pair of dragons sitting atop stone pillars and officially recognized as an area with the same cultural significance as Chinatown or Japantown.

The neighborhood has an active Vietnamese community running local businesses, and along the colorful streets you’ll feel transported straight from San Francisco to Saigon. There are coffee-shops and typical Vietnamese restaurants. There your chances might be the highest to meet Vietnamese women in San Francisco on the streets.

However in our opinion, online dating remains the most effective and best way to meet girls from Vietnam or with Vietnamese background in the area of San Francisco.


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