SugarBaby Dating in Vietnam


SugarBaby Dating is a special kind of arrangement and very popular in Asia. Also in Vietnam Sugar-Dating works really well. In this post we explain you everything you need to know about SugarBaby Dating in Vietnam and tell you the best apps and websites to find your Sugar-Date.

What is SugarBaby-Dating

A sugar baby is a person who receives cash, gifts or other financial and material benefits in exchange for company. It may includes sex or intimacy. Sugaring is a kind of sex-dating but with more class and in a nice atmosphere. Especially in the US and Asia are sugar dates very popular.

Many Sugarbabes wanting nice diners, shopping or travel with their Sugardaddy together. Others are just seeking financial support or mentorship.

The best places in Vietnam to find Sugarbabes

The best places to find Sugarbabes in Vietnam are the two big cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon). You can find in both places several hundred girls who wants to be a sugar baby. The best option is to find them online. With Sugarbook you have the best chances to spot them. There are about 240 girls in Hanoi registered. The better option is Ho Chi Minh in the south of Vietnam with more than 550 Sugarbabes registered.

In other areas there might be some more Sugarbabes, but the most of them you can definitely find in the two mentioned metropolitan areas.

The best websites and apps for Sugar Baby Dating in Vietnam

Vietnamese Sugarbaby

In our opinion the one and only website and place to find Sugar dates in Vietnam is Sugarbook. It is one of the biggest international dating websites for sugaring and it works really good in Vietnam but also all over Asia. The basic membership is absolutely free and you can sign up within a few seconds.

Already with the basic membership you can use the search function and filter for locations worldwide. This allows you to check out which members are registered and in which cities. This way you can make your own impression of Sugarbook and the registered members there. After you can decide for yourself wether you want a premium plan or not.

Tips for successful Sugar Dating in Vietnam

In general it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a successful sugar date in Vietnam. Especially Vietnam and other countries in South-East-Asia you have much more financial power and you could appear rich for many girls. Therefore you can play the good and generous Sugardaddy without worrying about your money too much.

It is very important, that both sides are making clear upfront what they really want. If for you sex is mandatory, you should tell it your sugar date before you meet first time. This avoids disappointment and problems. Also your sugar baby should tell you in detail what she is expecting from you…

Beautiful Vietnamese girl in streetfood stall

However there are also many Sugarbabes and dates which are very spontaneous. So you can meet for a nice dinner or cocktail on a rooftop bar and see what happens next… Just let it happen and have fun…


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