How to meet Vietnamese girls in Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon


Ho Chi Minh City is an amazing city in Vietnam and one of our favourite places… HCMC is one of the best spots for party and nightlife in Vietnam. The chance to meet Vietnamese girls in Ho Chi Minh City is therefore pretty high. The best spots and places to meet women in Ho Chi Minh City we have listed you here…

About Ho Chi Minh City girls

Ho Chi Minh is home to some of the most reputed educational institutions of the entire country, and most of the women in the city are educated and they even have a higher education degree. However, the English skills may be not as good as you would expect. There are even some girls who don’t speak English at all. Most of the women in Ho Chi Minh City do have an affinity for foreign men but often avoid being in contact with one when they have an opportunity as the lack of communication skills and unfamiliarity with English makes them feel extremely shy and under-confident.

Vietnamese girl sitting on the floor

As a tourist, you should be tactfully to break the ice. It may be difficult to flirt with girls in everyday life but at the party spots of the city and online it works really well.

The women of Ho Chi Minh City have typical Asian features such as smaller eyes, petite figures, naturally occurring dark eyes and brunette hair. They are truly beautiful and many mens dream.

Picking up girls in Ho Chi Minh City can be quite a difficult task. This can be primarily attributed to the culturally conservative attitude of most of the women in the city. They do not easily interact with foreign men. The best option is online dating, as the girls there are mostly open to date foreigners as well.

Online Dating in Ho Chi Minh City

As already mentioned, online dating is the best option for dating girls in Ho Chi Minh City. In our opinion VietnamCupid works best for foreigners. Many girls there are open to date foreign men and most of them have adequate English skills. In Ho Chi Minh City you can find the biggest number of members at VietnamCupid and therefore it is for us the one and only dating site you need for real dating.

If you are seeking SugarBabes, then Sugarbook is another great dating site. Sugardating is very popular in Vietnam and in Ho Chi Minh the most Sugarbabes in the whole country are signed up. The chances of success to find an extremely beautiful Sugarbaby in Ho Chi Minh City are really good.

If sex is the only thing you want, then AdultFriendFinder should be your choice. There are several hundred girls in Ho Chi Minh city registered, who are open for free sex dates. Many of these girls are attracted by foreigners. Although AdultFriendFinder is not free, it is worth every cent and a great opportunity for drama free and quick sex-dates.

How to meet Vietnamese girls in Ho Chi Minh City nightlife

The nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City is one of the best in the whole country. There are really good chances to find girls there. Most of the women who like clubbing are the rare few in the entire city who are open-minded and liberal in their approach to life. Most of these women are certainly not the kind who care about societal and cultural norms.

The nightclubs in Saigon are filled with beautiful women with whom you might have a chance. The city of Ho Chi Minh does have some really good nightclubs. Of course these are great places to meet girls. The area which is dubbed as District 1 is the best place for a tourist to visit for the craziest parties in town. Given below is a list of some of the most happening nightclubs, pubs, and bars to meet girls in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Lush nightclub at So 2 Ly Tu Trong, District 1. This nightclub is probably the easiest venue to hookup with girls in no time.
  • Seventeen Saloon at 103A Phạm Ngũ Lão, District 1.
  • 2 Lam Son at 2 Công Trường Lam Sơn, Bến Nghé, District 1.
  • Acoustic Bar at 6E1 Hẻm 6 Ngô Thời Nhiệm, Phường 7, District 3.
  • New DC Club at 148 Cống Quỳnh, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, District 1.
  • Envy at 74 – 76 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 1.
  • X-Club 030 at 21 Tôn Thất Thiệp, Bến Nghé, District 1.
  • Ellui Nightclub at 107 Pasteur (5th Flr) Ben Nghe Ward, District 1.
  • Gossip Club at 79 Tran Hung Dao Street, District 1.
  • Qui Cuisine Mixology at 22 Lê Thánh Tôn, Bến Nghé, District 1.
  • Republic Club at 19 Do Quang Dau, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1.
  • Chill Skybar at AB Tower, 76A Lê Lai, Phường Bến Thành, District 1.
  • Glow Skybar at 93 Nguyễn Du, Bến Nghé, District 1.

Best sport bars to meet girls:

Many local girls like to visit sport bars to meet foreign guys. If you like to watch sports, then it’s double fun – Try these bars in the evening and night time:

  • ON Saigon Sports Pub at 81 Nguyễn Công Trứ, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bìn, District 1.
  • Phatty’s Sports Bar and Grill at 48 Tôn Thất Thiệp, Bến Nghé, District 1.
Vietnamese Party Girls

How to meet Vietnamese girls in Ho Chi Minh City during daytime

Most of the women in Ho Chi Minh City are busy with their daily lives and their schedules. Hence, they don’t have too much time for dating. Another disadvantage is the of lack of communication skills in English, as a tourist there are limited chances of you to date girls randomly during daytime. The best chances you might have in shopping malls and cafes.

Some of the best shopping centers to meet women in Ho Chi Minh City during the daytime are listed below:

  • Vincom Center
  • Takashimaya Vietnam
  • Saigon Square
  • AEON Mall Tan Phu Celadon
  • The Crescent Mall
  • Diamond Plaza

Apart from these malls, you can also try and visit some of the well-known coffee shops in the areas which are frequented by many single women. However, the chances for that are really really low.

Ho Chi Minh City Freelancers & Bargirls

District 1 and the area around Bui Vien Street is one of the main spots if you want to find freelancers and Bargirls in Ho Chi Minh City. The later the hour, the more Freelancers are on the street. Believe us, it is really difficult to avoid them if you are walking along Bui Vien Street. Some of them are really pushy and grabbing you, many travellers made bad experiences with them.

Another good spots are girly bars. Crazy Girls is probably the most famous girly bar in town – it’s located on Bui Vien Street. There are also several girly bars in Little Japan, the infamous red light area in District 1, and Bar Nana is one of the most popular among them.

If you are looking for a typical freelancer bar, check out Apocalypse Now. 80% of the girls in there are hookers who will go home with you for a certain price.

Another cluster of girly bars can be found around the intersection between Bui Vien Street and Pham Ngu Lao street. Also Pham Ngu Lao offers several girly bars which are open till late night.

Prices for Girls in Saigon’s Red Light Districts

  • Hostess Girls: 100-120k per drink, 300-500k for the bar fine & 500-1,000k for sex (negotiable)
  • Massage Girls: 250-400k for the massage, 300-400k for a hand job, 500-1,000k for sex
  • Street Freelancers: 500k
  • Club Freelancers: 500-1,000k (however note that there are some “high-end” prostitutes in Apocalypse Now who won’t “go with you” for less than 2 million
Vietnamese Bargirls

Find a holiday girlfriend in Ho Chi Minh City for your Vietnam trip

If you are a solo traveller and seeking a companion for your Vietnam trip, then you could consider to find a holiday girlfriend. There is no better place than Ho Chi Minh City for that. Of course you could check out the girly bars around Bui Vien Street but this is always connected with regular payments for her time.

Vietnamese girl in Bikini at the beach

The better thing is to find a nice and good girl via VietnamCupid. We recommend to sign up several weeks before your Vietnam trip and get in touch with several girls to find the right one. After you arrived, you can meet her. If the chemistry isn’t the right between you and her, then you still have other options at VietnamCupid.

Another opportunity is SeekingArrangement. There you can find a elite partner. Many elite singles like to travel and are very open to stay if you if you pay the travel expenses. Just sign up before you arrive in Ho Chi Minh City and try to find the right girl for you. Elite-Dating is in our opinion one of the best things you can do, if you want an uncomplicated and drama free holiday relationship.


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