How to meet Vietnamese girls in Hanoi


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and offers an authentic North-Vietnamese experience… There is also a good nightlife and you habe a really good chance to meet Vietnamese girls in Hanoi. The best spots and places to meet women in Hanoi we have listed you here…

About Hanoi girls

Vietnamese Sugarbaby

The women of Hanoi have typical North-Asian features such as pale skin, smaller eyes, petite figures, dark eyes, and brunette hair. These women take great effort in dressing up and looking good at all times.

Most of Hanoi Girls coming from conservative families. The women are expected to follow certain disciplines and they have certain roles to fulfill in society, staying out late and drink with stranger men is definitely not expected from them.

The girls in Hanoi may not be very friendly to everyone, they shall be helpful to tourists and make small talk with them, but beyond that, it depends on your charm to take things further.

The whole thing can be completely different if you are in the nightclubs of Hanoi. Most girls there are more open to foreigners and living a more modern culture. The younger generation likes it to party and have a good time.

Online Dating in Hanoi

As already mentioned, online dating is the best option for dating girls in Ho Chi Minh City. In our opinion VietnamCupid works best for foreigners. Many girls there are open to date foreign men and most of them have adequate English skills. In Ho Chi Minh City you can find the biggest number of members at VietnamCupid, but also in Hanoi there are several thousands of girls registered. Therefore it is for us the one and only dating site you need for real dating.

If you are seeking Elite girls, then SeekingArrangement is another great dating site. Elitedating is very popular in Vietnam and in Hanoi many girls are signed up. The chances of success to find a extremely beautiful Sugarbaby in Hanoi City are really good.

If sex is the only thing you want, then AdultFriendFinder should be your choice. There are several hundred girls in Hanoi registered, who are open for free sex dates. Many of these girls are attracted by foreigners. Although AdultFriendFinder is not free, it is worth every cent and a great opportunity for drama free and quick sex-dates.

AdultFriendFinder Members Vietnam

How to meet Vietnamese girls in Hanoi nightlife

The nightclubs in the Old Quarter are where most tourists try to hook up with a girl at night, but lthese places are full of prostitutes, and not few of them have crazy price expectations (like 1 million for short time), so good luck with that.

1900 Le Theatre on Walking Street and Hangover Bar are the most popular clubs that attract countless of sexy ladies (and horny dudes of all ages) every single night.Of course you can also find normal girls there, most of the women in Hanoi tend to go out in groups and it might be difficult to get in touch with them.

In Hanoi there are no girly bars comparable to the bars in Ho Chi Minh City, but instead you’ll find a couple of drinking places with freelancers in the Old Quarter. Tom’s Bar is popular among sexy Vietnamese girls, many of them are freelancers. Corner Pub nearby is another good bar in Hanoi. It has the best pool table, lots of expats and lots of friendly girls too.

Here you also find a list of some of the most happening nightclubs, pubs, and bars to meet girls in Hanoi:

  • Hanoi Rocks Hostel at 56 Hàng Đường
  • New Spinx Beer Bar at 2 Láng Hạ
  • Camelia Lounge at 44B Lý Thường Kiệt
  • The Doors at 11 Hàng Chĩnh
  • Standing Bar at 170 Trấn Vũ
  • Sidewalk at 231 Au Co
  • Savage at 112 Xuân Diệu
  • Hero at 42 Yên Phụ
  • Rock Store at 61 Mã Mây
  • Factory 47 at 47 Hang Buom
  • Pharoah’s Bar in Lotte Hotel
  • 1900 Le Theatre at 8b Tạ Hiện
  • Infinity at 45 Hàng Bài
  • Dragonfly Bar at 15 Hàng Buồm
  • Tom’s Bar
  • Corner Pub
Vietnamese Party Girls

How to meet Vietnamese girls in Hanoi during daytime

It is not easy to meet girls in very life in Hanoi. Most of the women in Hanoi are conservative and little bit shy. Additionally the women are pretty busy during the daytime. Work, studying and rushing through the crowded commute.

Shopping Malls might be the best spot to find women during daytime at daytime. People there are more relaxed and free time. Also touristy places such the Hoan Kiem Lake are recommended. Hanoi has hundreds of coffee shops, try and visit some of these if you wish to interact with single girls in Hanoi.

Shopping Malls in Hanoi:

  • Lotte Center
  • Trang Tien Plaza
  • Hang Da Galleria Shopping Mall (a.k.a. Hanoi Square)

Hanoi Freelancers & Bargirls

As already mentioned, there are no girly bars such as in Ho Chi Minh City. The best places are expat bars, where also freelancers are hanging out. Try Tom’s Bar, which is popular among sexy Vietnamese girls, many of them are freelancers.

Find a holiday girlfriend in Hanoi for your Vietnam trip

If you are a solo traveller and seeking a companion for your Vietnam trip, then you could consider to find a holiday girlfriend. Hanoi is a good place to find girls who are willing to travel with you.

The best thing you can do is to find a nice and good girl via VietnamCupid. We recommend to sign up several weeks before your Vietnam trip and get in touch with several girls to find the right one. After you arrived, you can meet her. If the chemistry isn’t the right between you and her, then you still have other options at VietnamCupid.

Another opportunity is Sugarbook. There you can find a Sugardate for your trip. Many Sugarbabes like to travel and are very open to stay if you if you pay the travel expenses. Just sign up before you arrive in Hanoi and try to find the right girl for you. Sugar-Dating is in our opinion one of the best things you can do, if you want an uncomplicated and drama free holiday relationship.


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