How to meet Vietnamese girls in Mui Ne


Mui Ne is a beach resort in Vietnam’s South and a great place to relax and enjoy the nautre… There is also some laid back nightlife and with our tips you might meet Vietnamese girls in Mui Ne. The best spots and places to meet women in Mui Ne we have listed you here…

About Mui Ne girls

Mui Ne is not the best spot to party and find girls. Especially local women from Mui Ne are hard to get. You can try your luck in the small bars in Mui Ne but do not expect too much. Mui Ne is not comparable with Saigon, Hanoi or Da Nang.

Online Dating in Mui Ne

Sexy Vietnamese woman

Online dating might be your best option to find girls in and around Mui Ne. VietnamCupid is the best dating website to find sexy Vietnamese girls all over the country. Mui Ne itself is a small town, there are not so many members at VietnamCupid. The nearby city of Phan Thiet is where you rather should hunt for girls. Phan Thiet is a bustling little city and a single man could have some fun there. A quick search on Vietnam Cupid and Asian Dating showed a good amount of girls living in Phan Thiet. If you based yourself there for a while we are you could find some nice girls.

The better and easier option would be to date tourist girls. As Mui Ne is a lively tourist town it shouldn’t be too difficult to find some backpacker girls and travellers. The best app for that is Tinder. Give it a try and maybe you can hook up with some tourist girls…

How to meet Vietnamese girls in Mui Ne nightlife

The nightlife of Mui Ne is pretty dead, especially compared to the lively party scene in Ho Chi Minh City. Never say never but it is really unlikely to find a Vietnamese women for date at the nightlife of Mui Ne. The better option are Russian girls and other tourists. There are some spots and bars where you can find girls hanging out in the evening…

  • Dragon Beach Bar
  • Line Up Bar
  • Joes Cafe

Mui Ne Freelancers & Bargirls

There are no freelancers and bargirls in Mui Ne. You could possibly try WeChat to find some, the app is well known in Vietnam und mostly used by freelancers. If you have luck, you can find a freelancer girl there…

As Mui Ne is a tourist town so there are quite a few massage parlors along the main strip. Several having cute young girls working and you could negotiate some extras if you find the right spot. But don’t count on it.

Bringing girls for a trip to Mui Ne

Vietnamese Sugarbaby

Bring your girl to Mui Ne might be the best option for you. In Saigon there are many women who are willing to travel with you. Mostly you can find them via VietnamCupid and Badoo. Vietnamese girls of the younger generation like to travel and if you met her and you two had a good chemistry it is totally possible that you can travel together to Mui Ne.

Another excellent option is SugarDating. There are many Sugarbabes in Ho Chi Minh City who want to travel and have a good time with you.


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