How to find a holiday girlfriend for your Vietnam trip


Traveling alone can be sometimes boring. Also there are a lot of advantages, if you travel like a local and with a local. Why don’t you consider to search a holiday girlfriend for your Vietnam trip? In this guide we tell you the best options to find a girl for your Vietnam holiday…

Pros to travel with a local girl

If you travel with a local you can experience the country completely different. Vietnamese women love to show the beauty of their country and guide you around. If you travel with a holiday girlfriend in Vietnam you can experience everything from the view of a local. You can discover places and foods, the most tourist will never see. Also it is absolutely possible that you fall in love with your girl and find a happy relationship for the best of your life!

About Vietnamese girls

Vietnamese holiday girlfriend

Vietnamese girls are not so easy to get as for example Thai girls or Filipinas. Nevertheless it is not too difficult to find a nice Vietnamese woman who is willing to date and travel with you in Vietnam or all over Asia. Most Vietnamese girls love to travel, are educated and want to learn something new. Also they almost see it as their duty to show foreigners their amazing culture and wonderful country. Most of the time (of course depending on the girl) traveling with a Vietnamese woman is hassle free and convenient. There is no big drama, just fun and a good time…

Possible costs to have a Vietnamese travel girlfriend

Some might think now, that nothing in this world is free. Yeah that’s right. And especially in Thailand it is really common to give your holiday girlfriend an amount of cash. But not necessary in Vietnam. Of course it is also here depending on the girl and her intentions. If she is seeking real love and relationship, it won’t cost you anything to travel with her. Of course some expenses like transfers, hotel rooms and food might be your part. But there are also many Vietnamese girls who can take care for themselves and are willing to share some costs.

Depending on the relationship and place where you found your holiday girlfriend in Vietnam, it ranges from absolutely zero to some reasonable costs.

Sleeping together in the same hotel room with your holiday girlfriend?

As long as you travel together as a couple and register your girlfriend it shouldn’t be a problem to sleep in the same hotel room. Some hotels are having strict rules towards joiners (unregistered guests), but if you travel as a couple there is normally no problem at all.

Experiences with Vietnamese girls

The best options to find a Vietnamese holiday girlfriend

In our opinion the internet is the best place to find a holiday girlfriend for your Vietnam trip. Below we have listed you the best websites to find girls in Vietnam. The good thing with these dating sites is the fact, that you can start your search already from your home country. This way you can get in touch with the girls, chat and know each other before you meet first time in Vietnam.

You can also make contact to several girls. If you meet one after arriving in Vietnam and it doesn’t work out together, you can contact the other girls and meet them… However, it is always best to stick to one girl and build up some kind of relationship.


VietnamCupid Logo

VietnamCupid is the largest dating website to find Vietnamese girls. You can find in every city all over the country several ten-thousands of girls. Most of them are open to date foreigners and also willing to travel together. You can sign up for free and check the members first, before you opt for a premium-account.

Most of the girls are seeking real love and a relationship, therefore it is a really good place to find your holiday and travel girlfriend in Vietnam. In our opinion this dating site is a must try if you want to date Vietnamese women…

Vietnamese woman at the beach



AsianDating is in fact the same as VietnamCupid but focused on all over Asia. But there are many Vietnamese girls registered and in Saigon or Hanoi you can definitely find your girl there. If you plan to travel around Asia, it could be better for you to sign up for this website, as you can find AsianGirls in many different countries. This way you habe everything in one place and don’t need to sign up for several different sites like VietnamCupid, ThaiCupid, FilipinoCupid and so on…

Nice Asian girl from Vietnam for Sex Date

Seeking Arrangement

SeekingArrangement Logo

SeekingArrangement is a total different kind of dating website. It is focused on elite Dating. This kind of arrangement dating is in our opinion an ideal option if you just want a good time without any drama. Here the girls are seeking a luxurious lifestyle or a partner who pays for trips. In Vietnam there are more than thousands so called girls who want to date a elite man. Most you can find in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

In the most profiles you can find information about what the girls are looking for. In Vietnam many women at SeekingArrangement want to travel and if you get in touch and find an arrangement, this is the easiest way to find a holiday girlfriend in advance. Most of the time the arrangement for traveling together includes covering all her costs during the time you stay together. This includes accommodation, flights, food, shopping and so on.

Vietnamese girl in Bikini at the beach

In our opinion SeekingArrangement is a really good thing to find a holiday girlfriend in Vietnam. However this option is not the best for cheap charlies and backpackers. But if you like to travel with style and have some money to spend for a good time, this is an ideal hunting place to find your travel buddy in Vietnam! SeekingArrangement is free in the standard plan, you can check out all the girls already. To communicate you need a paid plan, which is worth every penny… Just believe us!

Advise: SeekingArrangement is totally legal as this kind of arrangements are not prostitution. You don’t pay for sexual services, rather you build a relationship on time where you finance your and her lifestyle. Also sex is not mandatory if you have a sugar date. Everything between you and her happens in private and on the own will.


If you are looking for a different kind of dating, you should take a look at WhatsYourPrice. Here you are bidding on a meeting with a woman. This has the advantage that you can show that you really mean business. Above all, it is a very good opportunity to get good men or women. WYP has a very good selection of members.

WhatsYourPrice members

Finding Vietnamese holiday girlfriend in Hanoi

Hanoi is a great place to find a holiday friend for you Vietnam trip. Hanoi is also the beginning or end for many travellers, therefore you can pick up your girl there and start your journey together. The city of Hanoi offers good chances to find a girls via VietnamCupid and SeekingArrangement. There are plenty of members.

Beside you can also try to find a holiday girlfriend on the streets of Hanoi. The best places for that should be Hanoi Old Quarter around Bia Hoi Junction an Hanoi Walking Street. There are many bars and clubs and not only tourist are flocking to these locations, also many many local girls. However it could be difficult to build up a relationship with a local Vietnamese within 2 or 3 days in the city. Therefore we clearly advise to use online dating instead!

Finding Vietnamese holiday girlfriend in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh)

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most vibrant and lively cities in Vietnam and an ideal place to start your trip. There are many girls in Saigon available on SeekingArrangement and VietnamCupid. Most are really open to date foreigners and travel together. In our opinion it is best to get in touch with them in advance, before you arrive to Vietnam.

However there is also a very good nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City. The area around Bui Vien Street is the best place to find girls. There are many bars and clubs and also some girly bars. However it might be a little bit difficult to find a good girl who is willing to travel with you for free. Most local women here are bargirls, freelancers or massage girls. We would rather use online dating instead…

Vietnamese Party Girls

What happens after your Vietnam trip

That is a good question and no-one can know in advance. Normally the Vietnamese women tend to keep in touch and try to build a relationship with you. If it is also what you want, keep going and maybe you can find the love of your life in Vietnam…

If everything was just an arrangement on time, then it is also possible that you never hear again from each other. Especially if you are married or in a relationship in our home country, this could be what you want.

However, it is most important to clarify everything before. Because nothing is worse than broken hearts and a love drama…


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