Find Free Sex Dates in Ho Chi Minh City


In this post we reveal everything about how to find free sex dates in Ho Chi Minh City. It sounds like it isn’t possible at first, but it definitely isn’t. Many of the locals, but also the tourists, like to have fun and as a good-looking western man it is also relatively easy. We have attached everything that is important and what you need to know.

Find Free Sex Dates in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) is a city in southern Vietnam known for its central role in the Vietnam War. It is also known for its landmarks from the French colonial era. If you are looking for Vietnamese women who are looking for sex and fun, then you have a very good chance of success in Ho Chi Minh. We’ll tell you the best tips on how and where to find them.

Flirteezy dating

The dating app Flirteezy is a great way to find sex dates quickly. You have a large selection of women there. In addition to relationships, one night stands can also be found, which is what makes the dating app so special. You can find more information in our Flirteezy review.

Flirteezy Dating App

Sex dates with AdultFriendFinder in Ho Chi Minh

AdultFriendFinder is a portal where you can search for men, women and group sex. All members enjoy sex and are therefore looking for sex partners. The good thing is, it’s completely free. Often you meet in a hotel and share the costs, but otherwise you don’t pay anything. Only a small amount is due for membership.

We have already revealed how well AFF works in Vietnam in our AdultFriendFinder Vietnam review. Take a look at the article to get a better overview.


Sex dates with Sugar Dating in Ho Chi Minh City

Although Sugar Dating is not directly free, you don’t pay directly for sex here, but much more for dinner, shopping, travel or other benefits. In return, the girls offer their time and often physical care. In short, sugar dating is an upscale variant of luxury dating, both sides know what they’re getting into and are absolutely OK with it.

Sugarbook is the best option for sugar baby dating in Ho Chi Minh City.



If you are looking for a different kind of dating, you should take a look at WhatsYourPrice. Here you are bidding on a meeting with a woman. This has the advantage that you can show that you really mean business. Above all, it is a very good opportunity to get good men or women. WYP has a very good selection of members.

WhatsYourPrice members

Vietnam Dating Sites

Dating sites can also be used to find women who may be willing to have sex. The whole thing is not a guarantee, but it can certainly work. Especially when you are young and good-looking and you get on well with the woman, nothing stands in the way normally.

The best dating sites in Vietnam are VietnamCupid and AsianDating. Both sides offer a lot of members and with the help of the filter function you can search explicitly for your own wishes. So even after romances, which ultimately means nothing more than one night stand.

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Sex dates with Tinder

Tinder is a GPS based app where you can search for women in the area. So you can get to know new people very quickly and also meet up for dates. In our experience, it is very easy to find women for sex quickly via the app. You have to take the women out here too and offer them something, but they are relatively open and also accompany you quickly to bed. Sometimes it can also happen that prostitutes are on the app and expect payment.

Free sex dates in Ho Chi Minh City experiences

In Ho Chi Minh there are many ways to get sex dates. In our experience, the easiest way to do this is with AdultFriendFinder. You don’t always come across Vietnamese women here, but in the end it doesn’t matter. The large mass and the many possibilities simply make the platform an unforgettable experience. It is definitely much more difficult with the normal dating sites. Here you have to make an effort and until the end you have no certainty whether it will work. But since you get to know people better and see places that you might not otherwise be able to see, you should definitely give it a try.

Have you been able to find free sex dates in Ho Chi Minh? Leave us a comment on how it went and where you were successful.


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