How to meet Vietnamese girls in the UK


The United Kingdom might be not the best place to meet Vietnamese women but it is also not impossible. How to date Vietnamese girls in the UK, we explain you in this post.

Vietnamese girls in London

Online dating is the best and most efficient way to find Vietnamese girls in London. There are about 90 girls at VietnamCupid registered, which is the largest Vietnam dating website. VietnamCupid is our top recommendation to find Vietnamese girls in London. You can sign up for VietnamCupid totally free. The basic membership allows you already to check out all the members and use search function without any limitation. However, if you want to write the girls, you need a premium account. The premium membership plans are not too expensive and thus a fair deal.

If you are seeking especially Vietnamese women in London, then VietnamCupid is your only safe choice. If you like Asian women in general, you could also try AsianDating, ThaiCupid and FilipinoCupid. All these websites are also packed with nice Asian girls and the chances of success are pretty high.

To meet Vietnamese women on the streets of London randomly is very unlikely and definitely not the best option to meet Vietnamese girls in London, UK.

Vietnam Cupid Members…

Vietnamese girls in Manchester

There are about 16 girls at VietnamCupid registered in Manchester. That is not much, but better than nothing! VietnamCupid is our top recommendation to find Vietnamese girls in Manchester. There are almost no other options to find Vietnamese women in Manchester.

Vietnamese girls in other cities in UK

All over the UK there are 212 girls registered at VietnamCupid. More than 120 alone in Manchester and London. In the rest of the country you can only find about 100 more girls which means that it could be very difficult in some regions to date Vietnamese women. However, we recommend to check out VietnamCupid. With the free membership you can check out the whole database and maybe there are some nice Vietnamese girls also in your city in the UK.


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