How to meet Vietnamese women in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is a great place to meet Vietnamese women in the USA. In the whole country there are more than 2 million Vietnamese Americans and California is one of the states with the highest concentration of Vietnamese in the US. In this guide we explain you, where to meet Vietnamese women in Los Angeles…

How to meet Vietnamese women in Los Angeles online

Online dating is definitely the best option and easiest way to find Vietnamese women in Los Angeles. There are many dating apps and sites but only one is focused in Vietnamese women. This websites calls itself VietnamCupid and is our top recommendation to find Vietnamese girls in Los Angeles. Most the the registered girls there are having a Vietnamese background and living in the US. There are far more than 1,000 single women signed up at VietnamCupid in Los Angeles.

You can sign up for VietnamCupid totally free. The basic membership allows you already to check out all the members and use search function without any limitation. However, if you want to write the girls, you need a premium account. The premium membership plans are not too expensive and thus a fair deal.

If you are seeking especially Vietnamese women in Los Angeles, then VietnamCupid is your only safe choice. If you like Asian women in general, you could also try AsianDating and FilipinoCupid. Both websites are also packed with nice Asian girls and the chances of success are pretty high.

Vietnam Cupid Members…

How to meet Vietnamese women in daily life

Los Angeles is the best spot in whole America to find Vietnamese girls. There are plenty Vietnamese women living. Many of them are very modern and living the American way of live. Especially the younger generation of girls is super sexy and very open minded. The best spots to meet Vietnamese girls are nightclubs. However you could also try the many Vietnamese coffee-shops and restaurants which are spread all over the city…


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