Foreign man and Vietnamese girl – can it work?


If you are planning to start a relationship with a Vietnamese girl, you might asked yourself if it has a future. In this post we answer you the question: Foreign man and Vietnamese girl – can it work?

Foreign man and Vietnamese girl

The cultural differences are sometimes enormous. This can quickly lead to misunderstandings. Or you just don’t understand the other side’s action and feelings. If two different cultures meet, both sides have to adapt to the other.

Vietnamese girl sitting on the floor

In many western cultures everything must be planned, on-time and the whole lifestyle is totally different from the one in Southeast-Asia. Many Vietnamese, however, lives every day as if it were the last. The life just goes by day by day and the moral values are also somehow different. Of course, this is not the case for everyone and a little bit general spoken. But cultural differences like that can lead to misunderstandings in a relationship.

Does this mean that a foreigner and a Vietnamese cannot live together? Of course not. Even if it may be a bit difficult at the beginning, everyone can adapt to it. However, both sides have to make small compromises.

You shouldn’t misunderstand the whole thing either. The lines above sound daunting for the first time, but that’s not the case. Many women also differ and so we also know Vietnamese women, who are also very perfectionistic, future orientated.

Relationship with a Vietnamese woman

A Vietnamese woman is looking for a man who can protect and care for her. He should offer her what she needs to live. When there is love and harmony in the relationship, the Vietnamese women do a lot to be desirable for their husband and to make him happy. Men should be confident and emotionally stable to impress a Vietnamese girl. Those who are successful at work also score, we guess this is in every part of the world the same.

Vietnamese mentality

The gentle and decidedly feminine nature of Vietnamese women is a quality that many men like. Vietnamese girls are offering harmony and gentleness in a loving manner.

Especially with non-verbal text communication (messaging fro example) without seeing the other person’s face, or with some language barriers, misunderstandings can always occur. Partly these misunderstandings and problems also arise due to cultural differences. A direct confrontation and harsh words are usually not the right means of dealing with problems with Vietnamese women. Rather patience and understanding as well as mutual respect is the right way.

Beautiful Vietnamese girl in streetfood stall

In order to better understand Vietnamese women, it is best to read our Vietnamese women character and mindset guide. There you can get a much better understanding and you know from the start what is important or what you should pay attention to.

Foreign men and Vietnamese women experiences

We know many friends who are happily married with a Vietnamese for years. Some living abroad, others have packed their suitcases and emigrated to Vietnam. Of course, we also know those where the relationship has got broken…

But what does that mean? Relationships between foreign men and Vietnamese women can work. But it can’t work either. No exact answer can be given here because every person and every relationship is different. Everybody has to try itself and the future will show whether it works or not. Most important is the point, that both partners are willing to adapt a little bit to the culture of the counterpart. We also think that less language barriers are also always affecting a relationship in a positive way.

Do you think that relationships between foreign men and Vietnamese girls can work? We would be very happy if you discuss with us in the comments below.


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