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There are already some good dating websites for Vietnam, but what about the new dating app Flirteezy? In the Flirteezy Vietnam review we took a close look at the new hype app and revealed our experiences with the dating site. In any case, the app sounds promising because it can be used free of charge.

Register with Flirteezy

If you want to register with Flirteezy, you only need an email, or alternatively a Google or Facebook account. With the latter two, the registration is even faster. After you have filled in some basic information, you get access and can start looking for dates.

Flirteezy Dating App

Overview and design

After you are through with the registration, you already get access and land on the start page. The modern and clean design, which we found very pleasant, is particularly striking. You can find your way around quickly and see what’s important. There is also no advertising or anything else that could disturb. In terms of usability, Flirteezy is very good.

In the upper menu you will find all the functions of the dating page, which we will come to later. Among other things, you have quick access to search and news. On the left side you can see the credit status, as well as some points to change the profile. On the right side you get to your own profile, but you can also find the button to upgrade your membership. In the main area you can already find some interesting members as well as your own favorites.

Flirteezy members

There are many members at Flirteezy who are scattered around the world. However, among women you can currently find the largest supply in Southeast Asia. These are usually between 25 and 35 years old. Men, on the other hand, can be found worldwide. Since the number is felt to be higher, there is also more choice among these.

The advantage of Flirteezy is that there are many different types of dating and you can only search for them specifically. For example, you can only search for fun or only for relationships and thus limit the selection of members a little. In addition, you get a much better overview of the members.

In Vietnam you can already find a very good offer at Flirteezy. Mostly local women are looking for dates. Tourists can also be found, but proportionally less. Most of the Vietnamese women at Flirteezy can be found in Ho Chi Minh City.

Flirteezy Vietnam members

Special features of the website

At Flirteezy there are also some special features. Primarily, however, the focus is on searching for and finding members. A good search function is available for this. But there are also some very practical functions, which we briefly list and explain below. Personally, we think it’s good that there is a little more variety than with conventional dating sites.

Snaps: In this area you can find pictures of members, look at them, pass the time and rate them. Also good for finding new members.

Gifts: To break the ice and show interest, members can be given gifts. There are many differences to choose from.

Send credits: If you want to support other members, credits can be sent.

Swipe: Members can be swiped here, just like you know from apps like Tinder. The function is particularly practical and good on the smartphone.

Discovery: In this area you can see many members at a glance in order to find new, possibly suitable members.

Hot or Not Rating: Members as well as their pictures can be liked and rated. It is somewhat reminiscent of a social network. In itself a great feature that brings variety.

Video calls: With the Diamond membership, video calls can also be made with members. A great feature to prevent scams!

Flirteezy Premium

At Flirteezy you don’t necessarily need a premium membership, as you can pay for everything with credits. You get this as a gift as well as with daily registration. As a member, however, you can send unlimited messages. There are also other functions available there. Memberships are inherently cheaper, but we generally find the prices very cheap.

The advantage of membership is that you can send unlimited messages, you can see who has visited your profile and you can comment on photos and read the hot or not reviews. With the Platinum membership you also get a hotlist boost and video calls can be started. The payment transaction is secure because it is via the Google Play Store or Memberships are taken out and paid for in the Apple Store.

Flirteezy Premium Plans Comparison

Gold membership price

  • 7 days – $ 4.99
  • 1 month – $ 9.99
  • 3 months – $ 24.99
  • 6 months – $ 44.99
  • 12 months – $ 79.99

Diamond membership price

  • 7 days – $ 9.99
  • 1 month – $ 19.99
  • 3 months – $ 49.99
  • 6 months – $ 89.99
  • 12 months – $ 119.99

Flirteezy Credits Prizes

  • 1000 credits – $ 10
  • 2000 credits – $ 20
  • 5000 credits – $ 45
  • 10,000 credits – $ 90
Flirteezy Premium membership in Vietnam

Chances of success at Flirteezy

You can be successful at dating on any dating site, provided you put in a little effort. It’s exactly the same with Flirteezy. Here, too, you have to prove yourself to the competition in order to be successful. The good thing, however, is that it is relatively easy to get on dates at Flirteezy. Whether it will work remains to be seen later.

Whether you will find the love of life at Flirteezy in Vietnam or whether there will be dates and one night stands every day cannot be said in advance. Due to the large number of members, the chances are good. But you have to make an effort and be serious or present yourself from the best side. If you do that, you will quickly find dates at Flirteezy in Vietnam.

Flirteezy women in Vietnam


Flirteezy is a new, fresh and modern dating website with a very good app. There are many functions, many free features and the premium memberships are very cheap. Everything you would expect from a good dating app. The chances of success are also very good in Vietnam, which is why we can recommend Flirteezy to everyone. Personally, we have had good experiences.

What is your experience with Flirteezy in Vietnam? Leave us a comment and tell us if you came on a date at Flirteezy.

Flirteezy free Credits

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