Vietnamese girls character and mindest


If you want to have a Vietnamese girl as your partner, you should open yourself and learn something about her culture and mindset. In this post we you learn all about the Vietnamese girls character and mindset…

The character traits, look & mindset of Vietnamese women

What are the character traits of Vietnamese women? Here we briefly reveal the characteristics of the Vietnamese woman in general. Please always keep in mind, that every person is different and therefore the here made statements are not suitable for every Vietnamese girl.

Vietnamese women are pretty

There is no doubt that Vietnamese women are among the most beautiful women in Asia. They have slender bodies, black hair, white skin and a feminine personality. As a rule, the appearance of Vietnamese women is almost similar to that of the Korean or Chinese. However, the eyes of the Vietnamese are bigger and more beautiful. That is why Vietnamese women are very successful in international beauty contests. Of course there are also some Vietnamese girls with darker skin, most of them are form the south of the country.

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The look and personal care

Vietnamese women spend a lot of time on personal hygiene and use all types of creams and cosmetics to care for their naturally soft skin. Vietnamese women are somehow a little bit in love with themselves…

Vietnamese women are gentle and tender

The gentle and decidedly feminine nature of Vietnamese women is a quality that many men like. Being in a relationship with a Vietnamese girl means harmony and gentleness in a loving manner.

Vietnamese are conservative

Great caution is required when it comes to flirting with Vietnamese women. A Vietnamese woman lives according to the traditions of her country. She doesn’t know flirting and usually doesn’t understand the foreign way to approach girls. The younger generation might be more relaxed regarding flirting and doesn’t see the whole thing as strictly anymore…

However, if you have honest intentions to get to know a Vietnamese woman or to have a relationship with her, you should exercise some patience, because conquering her can be difficult.

Vietnamese women are loyal

As mentioned before, it is not easy to win the heart of a Vietnamese. But once you’ve made it, you usually stay together for a lifetime. Once she is in love, or even married, there is no one else. A relationship can fail, this is normal, but most of the time not because of the Vietnamese partner…

Vietnamese women love gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? Even if it’s just a daily compliment, or a rose. If you give her little gifts and compliments and show her that she and her family are important to you, she will surely appreciate that and help you to win her heart. The whole thing should not be stopped, however, once you have won her heart, because after all every woman, not just the Vietnamese, wants something like this.

Beautiful Vietnamese girl in streetfood stall

Abilities & education of Vietnamese women

Vietnamese women are often neat and good at cooking and very experienced with children, which is an absolute help in the household. Without it being their fault, Vietnamese women often have educational gaps through suboptimal schools and because they often have to work early. Nevertheless, they are generally intelligent and ambitious and have self-discipline. The Vietnamese woman learns very quickly and always tries to give her best.

Mentality of Vietnamese women

Sexy Vietnamese girl

Women from Vietnam are gracious, understanding, down to earth and loyal. They surrender to their husband if they can trust him. Her ability to be calm on the one hand, but also show a lot of empathy on the other hand, makes the Vietnamese very friendly and approachable. The gentle character of women is a unique quality that many men appreciate.

The Vietnamese mentality is somewhat different from the one of Europeans, but there is nothing to be said against a relationship. You will see for yourself how well this can work.

What experiences with Vietnamese women have you made? Please leave a comment.


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