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Those who are in Vietnam often want to have fun. However, very few people feel like having a relationship or something serious. Also, many do not want to fool the women into just coming to a one night stand. For this reason, many choose a freelancer dating app. This means that you search specifically for sex on dating apps and websites and accept it if you have to pay for it. There are very many of these apps and we present the best ones in this guide.

Find freelancers and hookers on dating apps

Although the dating apps and websites are primarily there to find relationships and dates, many freelancers can also be found in Vietnam who get involved in one night stands. However, prices are charged for this type of service. One should be careful, because prostitution is officially prohibited in Vietnam. However, it is tolerated in many places, especially in Ho Chi Minh, as it brings numerous tourists.

It is not uncommon for Vietnamese freelancers to search for customers online. There the selection is very large and you can choose. An excellent option for the women. We have attached the best dating apps for Vietnam, where you can also find numerous freelancers.

TIP! You should also take a look at our guide about freelancers in Vietnam, where you can find out everything you need to know about them. We also talked about prices there.

Vietnamese Party Girls

Flirteezy Vietnam

Flirteezy is a new and already very popular dating app that is very widespread in Asia. Many members can already be found in Vietnam. The best thing about the Flirteezy app, however, is that it can also be used very well in the free base. Members can also be contacted, something that hardly any other dating site or app offers. For this reason alone, flirteezy is a must.

In addition to the many features and functions, it is above all the attractive women that make the app special. You can always find dates, and if you take your time, you can also find one night stands. Take a look at our detailed Flirteezy review, where we have already revealed everything you need to know about the Hype Dating App. Check out our Flirteezy review.

Flirteezy Dating App

Vietnam Cupid

There are quite a few dating platforms out there, but VietnamCupid is the best if you are looking for Vietnamese singles. The special thing about this dating site is that you can search for Vietnamese singles worldwide, including Germany. In a few minutes you are registered and you can start searching. Countless filters are available so that everyone is sure to find the right woman for them. If you think that one could fit, you can write to it immediately. Everything else will show up afterwards.

Members of all age groups can be found at VietnamCupid. Women can also be found for all requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for serious relationships or a one night stand. It is best for everyone to register briefly and take a look at the offer.


Seeking arrangement

Another interesting dating site in Vietnam where you can find extraordinary women is SeekingArrangement. Here you will primarily find attractive women for open relationships. One night stands can also arise. However, one should have some class and style as the women are a bit picky. After all, SeekingArrangement is a elite dating website.

SeekingArrangement is particularly convincing due to the large number of members, of which many can be found, especially in tourist locations. The best thing to do is to simply register and take a look at the members, it’s worth it. The only small disadvantage of the SeekingArrangement is that the prices are quite high.



If you are looking for a different kind of dating, you should take a look at WhatsYourPrice. Here you are bidding on a meeting with a woman. This has the advantage that you can show that you really mean business. Above all, it is a very good opportunity to get good men or women. WYP has a very good selection of members.

WhatsYourPrice members


VietVibe is a particularly beautiful Vietnamese dating app that looks very good next to Flirteezy. Although there is no app, the design is responsive and the website can be operated like an app using the app launcher. After you have signed up, which is of course free, you can look at the members and start dating. However, messages to members cannot be sent; membership is required for this. The prices are okay.

At VietVibe you can find a relatively large number of young members, which is also a good thing. Many are looking for something serious, but many are just looking for fun. At VietVibe you can find freelancers who offer their services in places like Ho-Chi-Minh and Nha Trang, as well as in Hanoi.


With the Vietnamese freelancer apps presented here, everyone should quickly find a date and one night stand. These apps are also excellent to look for a holiday friend. With them you can have a wonderful time together and experience the country in a very special way.

Leave us a comment for which freelancer dating app in Vietnam you have chosen and what experiences you have had.


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