Experiences with Vietnamese girls


Experiences with Vietnamese girls: Foreign country, foreign people, foreign culture. Many foreign men are overwhelmed and unsure in a relationship with a girl from Vietnam. Are they honest? Are they possible to maintain a relationship and what experiences others have made? In this post we tell you more about experiences with Vietnamese girls…

The Vietnamese woman is not only pretty, she also has some special characteristics. In this post, however, we deal with the experiences we have had with Vietnamese women, so that you can get an idea of ​​what it is like to live and be in love with girls from Vietnam.

Vietnamese women experiences

There is no doubt that Vietnamese women are among the most beautiful women in Asia. They have slender bodies, black hair, white skin and a feminine personality. But appearance is not everything, because a happy relationship requires more. Sometimes it is not easy to live with a Vietnamese. Both sides have to make some compromises or understand the other side.

Vietnamese woman, the jackpot?

A Vietnamese girl can be very nice and kind and when your relationship is getting serious she will do everything to keep it stable and long lasting. If you are married, the desire for a child comes quickly. A happy family is the crown of the relationship with a girl from Vietnam. Not only can made this experiences, everyone who lives with a Vietnamese will say the same thing.

Cultural differences

There are cultural differences between Westerners and Vietnamese. This sometimes leads to minor differences of opinion. You have to adjust to the Vietnamese culture, but the Vietnamese girls also has to deal with the culture of your country a bit. Only in this way can a long and happy relationship come arise.

Bad experience with Vietnamese women

Facebook is a drug in Asia. Nothing works without a smartphone, especially for the younger generation. Selfies over selfies all day long shouldn’t bother you, if you want to be in a relationship with a Vietnamese girl. Over time, however, you get used to it. In any case, it’s not only a bad Vietnamese habit but also in whole Asia widely spread.

Now one may argue whether this is a bad habit or not. Personally, we find it bad when people no longer talk to each other and only sit and watch in their smartphone screens.

Nice Asian girl from Vietnam for Sex Date

Vietnamese women don’t cook well!?

Most Vietnamese women, especially the younger generation, don’t cook as well these days. One reason is that there are markets and street food everywhere and it is much easier, sometimes even cheaper, to simply buy the food on the go. For many, however, this changes after marriage. If you are married to a Vietnamese, the family counts more than everything else. This also might improves the culinary skills.

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What experiences with Vietnamese women have you had? We would be happy if you would leave us a comment.


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