Marrying a Vietnamese woman – Thoughts & Tips


Marrying a Vietnamese woman: If you are in a relationship with a Vietnamese girl, the question for a wedding could arise. Our thoughts about marrying a Vietnamese woman and the pros and cons, you can find in this post…

Getting married with a Vietnamese woman

The marriage brokerage tradition in Vietnam has gone out of style, but most parents have strict views – should they decide that their child’s future spouse is inappropriate, most young Vietnamese would accept the appeal and cut the connection. However, the Vietnamese family generally accepts you, at least if you honest and want the best for the woman. So don’t worry too much.

Traditional Vietnamese wedding

A Vietnamese wedding is not only an important event for the relationship, but also for the families. Because here, so to speak, there is a new family bond with clear rules. This is connected with the fact that the woman usually lives with the man’s family after the wedding. Should the man not yet have his own property, the family of the man receives a direct family member. This is mostly the case in weddings between two Vietnamese partners. Most foreigners are living in their own apartment or home of course.

There are some strict rituals for a Vietnamese wedding. The most important we have listed you here:

Le Dam Ngo (the marriage proposal)

The husband’s parents come to the parents’ house to meet the wife. They will discuss the wedding planning and distribute the task.

Le An Hoi (the engagement)

After the Dam Ngo, the husband’s family brings the wedding gifts to the wife’s house. Officially, the man’s parents ask if he can marry the woman. On this day, the husband’s family prepares the wedding gifts, which consist of 3, 5, 9, or 11 plates, of wedding cakes, tea, fruit, wine, and betel nut.

The wedding days

There are a total of 3 rituals in the North Vietnamese wedding: First, the mother of the man brings the betel leaves to the woman’s house and tell them that the man’s family is on the way.

The husband’s family prepares the betel leaves in front of the wife’s house. Afterwards, the parents and their family of the couple meet. Generally, they asking for permission to pick up the bride. The parents will then give the couple hints and experiences to have a happy life.

Bride in Vietnam Wedding

Necessary documents to marry a Vietnamese woman

If a foreigner wants to marry a Vietnamese woman, a number of documents are required. The whole thing is always a little different from country to country. In any case, it takes a lot of time and patience. Many of the foreign documents have to be translated and certified and legalized by the embassies or consulate. It can cost a lot of time and money as well.

The better option might be a wedding in a more liberal place like Hong Kong for example. There are just a few documents like the passport are needed and the registration of marriage is done within a few days…

Differences before and after marriage

Vietnamese Bride

As is well known, many women change after marriage. For many Vietnamese women the priorities change after marriage.

Vietnamese singles like to go out and love to party. They also love to travel and like to travel for a few days. After the wedding, however, they have a greater responsibility and therefore give up their hobbies and increasingly devote themselves to the family.

Shortly after marriage, most Vietnamese women want a child. Starting a family is a high priority. Vietnamese are wonderful mothers and would do anything for their children.

Another point that is probably changing after marrying a Vietnamese woman for many is cooking. Many, especially young Vietnamese women, don’t cook very well. After marriage, she takes care of the family and learns to cook better. At least that’s the experience many men have made.

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What experiences have you had with getting married to Vietnamese women? We would be very happy if you would leave us a comment…


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