Escort Dating in Vietnam – Guide & best places


Escort Dating is one option to find easily a woman for a diner, drink and of course also for some fun. All you need to know about escorts in Vietnam, we explain you in this post.

Escort legal in Vietnam?

Prostitution in Vietnam is illegal and considered a serious crime. The following acts are strictly prohibited:

  1. Buying sex;
  2. Selling sex;
  3. Harboring prostitution;
  4. Organizing prostitution activities;
  5. Forcing prostitution;
  6. Brokering prostitution;
  7. Protecting prostitution;
  8. Abusing the service business for prostitution activities;
  9. Other acts related to prostitution activities as prescribed by law.

We advise against any illegal activity in Vietnam. For some people the question might arise if Escort is such an illegal activity. Some may claim, that they pay an escort girl just for the accompaniment and sex is not mandatory. If this is really the case, then there should be nothing wrong. However most escort girls advertise prices for sexual activities, which is considered as selling and buying sex. This is of course illegal.

Sexy Vietnamese in Swimsuit

The best websites to find Escort in Vietnam

Vietnamese Escort Girl

If you want to find a huge number of escort girls in Vietnam, then is the best website you can find. After reviewing this website, we found out, that there are more than 115 Escort girls in Vietnam registered. This is of course not such a huge number as in Singapore, Hong Kong or other Asian countries and cities but still a good choice.

Most of the girls there are very beautiful and there are not only local women registered but also foreign girls advertising their services. Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang are the best spots to find escort girls in Vietnam.

Escort in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon

Saigon is the best place for escort dating in Vietnam. There are more than 60 girls only in this city at eurogirlsescort available. Many of them are Vietnamese, Thai, Filipinas or other Asians. Most of the girls are very beautiful and there are also some foreign escorts from Russia or Africa. There are options for Incall and Outcall. The prices range from 150USD to 300USD / hour.

Escort in Hanoi

Escort in Vietnam

In Hanoi there are around 40 Escort girls at registered. Most of them are Vietnamese and Asian girls. The escorts in Hanoi are pretty beautiful and most of them are having a nice and slim body and white skin. The prices for the company of escort girls in Hanoi are ranging from 100USD to 250USD per hour. Incall and Outcall is available.

Escort in Da Nang

In the city of Da Nang are only two escort girls registered at Generally we wouldn’t bet on escort dating in Da Nang. Real dating like VietnamCupid is here definitely the better option. Also Tinder works really well in this are.


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