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Hardly any other city in Southeast Asia has developed as much in recent years as Ho Chi Minh, at least in terms of nightlife and women. It is now one of the only places where you can party really well and cheaply and meet women. In this guide you will find out everything you need to know about the nightlife in Ho Chi Minh and where you can meet girls in Ho Chi Minh.

The women in Ho Chi Minh

In Ho Chi Minh you can find a lot of normal women who are also educated, but most of the interesting for tourists are in the nightlife. But more on that later. Whether you are looking for something serious or just sex does not matter, because there is undoubtedly something suitable for everyone. Understandable if many want to meet Vietnamese women during their vacation, because they are among the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. The only thing that is not so good is the knowledge of English, which is sometimes catastrophic. But it is getting better as tourism is also growing.

In Ho Chi Minh you can also get to know a lot of tourists. Especially in the backpacker district, it is teeming with partying and sometimes willing tourists. Even if it doesn’t work out with the bars, you can get one of these for your finger. You may already have heard that Ho Chi Minh is a great place to have fun …

Vietnamese girls character and mindest

Which types have the best chances

Ho Chi Minh is very popular with many younger people, which is why young and middle-aged people have the best chance of getting to know women. At least if you are looking for one night stands. If you have serious intentions, you will find women in every age group, but you also have to work hard. Vietnamese women are not that easy to come by. Except for the ones in the bars, it’s something different there.

Get to know women in Ho Chi Minh

You can meet women everywhere in Ho Chi Minh, but many are unwilling to speak to you. This is due, among other things, to the sometimes poor knowledge of English, but also because many simply don’t feel like talking to each other. At least that’s how it is when you address women on the streets. If you find them in cafes or in shopping centers, it is sometimes better. Here are some places where it is possible to meet women in Ho Chi Minh. Don’t expect too much, however.

  • Vincon Center
  • Takashimaya Vietnam
  • Saigon Square
  • AEON Mall Tan Phu Celadon
  • The Crescent Mall
  • Diamond Plaza

Dating in Ho Chi Minh

If you seriously plan to meet women in Ho Chi Minh, there is actually no way around online dating. The dating sites give you the best chance to get to know someone. Whether you’re looking for a date and want something serious, or just a one night stand doesn’t matter. Different women can be found on the different pages, including prostitutes …

The best online dating sites

The largest dating site for finding Vietnamese women is VietnamCupid. Using the site, you can search for Vietnamese singles not only in Vietnam, but worldwide, which also works very well. First and foremost, serious women can be found at VietnamCupid. One night stands are possible, but you need some time for this. You have to take women out a few times for something to work. But since the chances are very high, the site should be tried out by everyone. Read the VietnamCupid review.

A relatively new dating site, which is very promising, is Flirteezy. This is structured like Tinder and a normal dating site, which is why you can find your way around very quickly and also search for women according to your taste. The number of members is still a bit low, but you can always find sexy Vietnamese women here. Check out our Flirteezy review.

Flirteezy Dating App

Tinder differs slightly from the classic dating apps, but this app is also very successful. The disadvantage is that you have to be there to see the women.

An alternative is AsianDating, a great site where you can search and find women from all over Asia worldwide. The site is perfect if you also want to date women from other countries. The filter function can be used to specifically search for the origin of the women. More informations in our AsianDating review.

Sugar Dating in Ho Chi Minh

What also works very well in Ho Chi Minh is sugar dating. On the page Sugarbook you can search for hot Sugar Girls. Hanoi has a good selection. Most of the Sugar Girls are registered there, but also in Ho Chi Minh. Procure but it’s best to get an overview of the women yourself, because registration is free.

Sex Dating in Ho Chi Minh

If you’re just looking for sex and don’t want to pay for it, AdultFriendFinder is the best site for you. Members from all over the world who are looking for a sex partner are registered here. It has nothing to do with dating or anything serious, all that matters is sex. Most of the time it is couples who are looking for another sex partner, so you should be open to new ideas.

AdultFriendFinder Members Vietnam

Nightlife in Ho Chi Minh

In Ho Chi Minh you can do a lot during the day and see sights, but most of them are attracted by the nightlife. Understandable, because when I came to the city again at the end of 2019, I could hardly believe what was going on there now. My last trip was 2 years ago. The city is unrecognizable (in a positive way). Dozens of tourists, many bars, women and prostitutes as well as massages with happy endings and dozens of clubs where you can party all night. Those who like partying and partying will love Ho Chi Minh! And the best: the prices are very cheap.

Nightlife district in Ho Chi Minh

There are several nightlife areas in Ho Chi Minh where you can experience a lot in terms of nightlife. District 1 is the center where most of the nightlife takes place. Especially around Bui Vien Street. In this street you will not only find most of the cheap hotels, but also a large number of bars. Bui Vien Street is like Khao San Road in Bangkok, only better. This is a great place to party and you can also find dozens of women in the bars.

Bui Vien Street Ho Chi Minh

Red light in Ho Chi Minh

Although the red light in Ho Chi Minh is not so obvious, it can be found scattered across the city. From girlie bars where you can trigger the women to street prostitutes, everything is there. You can also find women on dating sites like Flirteezy who offer their bodies for a fee.

Hao Bin Park is well known in Ho Chi Minh. Here you can find many prostitutes who are looking for customers. The women here are very direct and speak to you directly if you want to have some fun. These women are also known by the locals as “Butterflies of the night”.

In Ho Chi Minh you can also find numerous happy ending massages. In addition to a relaxing massage, you also get a wonderful handjob at the end. The most popular happy ending massages in Ho Chi Minh are the Dai Nam Hotel, Boss Palace Hotel and the salons in Little Japan. The massages cost around 300,000 VND, and you pay as much tip again for a happy ending.

Vietnamese Bargirls

The best clubs in Ho Chi Minh

The clubs in Ho Chi Minh are a great way to relax, party until the wee hours of the morning and also meet women. There are very many here and you have a large selection. The clubs are very popular not only with bars, but also with tourists. You can therefore find both here and also seduce tourists. On the other hand, it is easier with the local women, even if you have to pay for some of them. Here is a list of the best clubs in Ho Chi Minh.

  • Apocalypse Now
  • Lush nightclub
  • Seventeen Saloon
  • Acoustic bar
  • New DC Club
  • Envy
  • X-Club
  • Gossip Club
  • Qui Cuisine Mixology
  • Republic Club
  • Chill Skybar at AB Tower
  • Glow Skybar

AGoGo Bars in Ho Chi Minh

There are no AGoGo bars in Ho Chi Ming. You can only find girlie bars, which come close to a GoGo bar, but are completely different. You won’t find a bar in Vietnam where women dance topless. The most popular girly bars in Saigon include Crazy Girls and 159 Bar on Bui Vien Street, Bar Nana in Little Japan and Apocalypse Now in District 1.

Prices nightlife in Ho Chi Minh

The prices for nightlife in Ho Chi Minh are cheap. Alcohol in particular, especially the local beer, is very cheap. But sex with women doesn’t cost much either. You can get a street prostitute or a freelancer from a dating site for 500,000 VND short time. The massages cost VND 600-700,000, but you also get a very good massage. The low prices also attract more and more tourists.

Bars in Ho Chi Minh

Safety in the nightlife of Ho Chi Minh

In principle, Ho Chi Minh is safe, but you should be careful of theft. Valuables should not be shown openly, as they tend to be stolen by motorbikes passing by. Even if you take prostitutes with you to the hotel, you should stow away the valuables safely. Theft is one of the most common crimes in Ho Chi Minh.

How did you like the nightlife in Ho Chi Minh and did you get to know women in Ho Chi Minh? Leave a comment with your experience.


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